Recognizing Causes of Cramps

Cramps also called “muscle spasms” are a sudden contraction. Muscle cramps can cause mild pain and also hardening of the muscles. Muscle cramps commonly occur in athletes and the elderly. However, anyone can certainly suffer from muscle cramps. Therefore, in this article, I share 5 tips to prevent leg cramps so you can avoid them.

Cramps are straining the muscles in a part of the body causing pain for a few minutes but can also for days. Cramps in the legs are the most common because the heavy duty legs support the body all day long as we stand and walk. In addition to leg cramps also occur in the moving parts of the body such as hands, neck. These body parts are tense and relaxed when in use. At some point the muscles move, straining themselves without being ordered either because of fatigue or for other reasons. Body parts that do not move like the stomach, can also experience cramps. There are many causes of cramps, taking into account these things you can prevent cramps.

Excessive Activities

Cramps often occur in athletes because they perform extraordinary activities. To prevent this is required to warm up before starting activities. As well as afterwards. But cramps can also occur when people are sleeping. This will be very disturbing to sleep because it can happen several times a night or several nights in a week. Usually, cramps arise because we straighten the toes while sleeping so that the calf muscles stretch.


Excessive activity can lead to loss of body fluids due to the sweat flow. We should drink plenty of water when doing heavy exercise. Cramps can also be an early sign of dehydration.

Lack of Calcium and Magnesium

Lack of calcium and magnesium in the blood can lead to less relaxed muscles and nerves that cause cramps. Therefore, pregnant women often experience cramps resulting from hormonal changes in the body that causes reduced calcium and magnesium in the blood.


Diabetics have a nervous disorder called diabetic neuropathy. High levels of sugar in the blood damage the nerves in the legs so that sufferers easily experience cramps.