Healthy House, Here Easy Steps to Create it

House is a reflection of the behavior of its inhabitants. Ensuring that a place to stay is always clean and comfortable is very important for the survival of a healthy family life.

No matter small or big, cleanliness is the key to creating a comfortable home to live in. Not only as a protector of outside influences such as wind, rain and dirt, the home is the main social facility in a household. Then, what are healthy habits that you need to apply so that all family members are more comfortable to interact and do some activities at home?


Here are some tips to keep the dwelling clean and healthy house:

  1. Open the window every morning. The window serves as the entrance to light and air. Good air circulation and natural lighting will make the house condition is not stuffy and fresher.
  2. Separate the dry and wet trash, and throw garbage every day in the main dumpster outside the house. This will keep your home away from the unpleasant smells and insects that usually encounter the trash.
  3. Clean your bathroom regularly once a week, drain the tub and brush the bathroom floor and toilet. Use cleaning fluid on all touchable places (sink, toilet, light switch) and clean the corners around the drain.
  4. Clean the house every day by sweeping, mopping, and cleaning dust on the furniture.
  5. Always wash and clean your refrigerator. The part of the refrigerator that should always be clean is the part that you frequently touch and the door. Many people open the fridge and then take food in it. From there the germs move. Therefore, get used to wash your hands before eating.

The environment around the house is also very supportive for the health of the inhabitants. In addition, for that plant a few plants in the yard of the house.